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Spring 2019!

Check out all the info below.  When ready to register, go to the main Pickleball page (www.PlayLegendsPickleball.com) and click on the orange registration button on the right side of the site.


General Info for the Spring 2019 Season:



  • All scheduled matches times will be on Sundays starting no earlier than 8:30am, and no later than 12:00pm. 
  • The tentative Legends schedule (subject to change) is below:




  • Female or male.  Adults  (youth 17 and under must play on a parent team and/or have parent permission form) 


  • Registration is just $79 per person for 1st division entered, and $59 for a 2nd division!

  • LATE REGISTRATION.  Late fee of $20 is added after midnight Friday, March 8.

Anticipated Categories:​

  • Men's Doubles
  • Women's Doubles
  • MixeDoubles      


  • "A/B" Division (Advanced Intermediate to Advanced - 3.5 - 4.0+ Rating)

  • "B/C" Division (Upper Novice to Intermediate - 2.0-3.0 Rating)

We will split into A, B, and C separately if we get enough players!


Divisions will be expanded or contracted depending on registrations. 

Legends League Information:

  • Each team will be scheduled for 1 match a week.  *substitute allowed regular season.
  • If playing with teammate, please name when registering.  If no teammate, you'll be matched with a similar rated player.

  • Format is Best of 3 games.  Games 1 and 2, to 15 win by 2.  Game 3, to 11 win by 2, if needed.


Rules (click for rules):



  • SUNDAY LEAGUE - Franklin MS


  • May I bring a friend or is this a random draft for teams?
    • ​We handle both.  Specify a partner at registration, or choose the free agent option.
  • Are the divisions based on age?
    • Not, it is skills based.  Please enter your fair assessment of skills during registration.


Additional questions we got about the leagues:


  1. For the Sunday League, feel free to participate in the Drop-in before or after your match at no extra cost.
  2. You can enter as a team, or free agent (we will match you with a partner, and you continue to play as a team for the season.
  3. Winners will get medals, a Legends T-Shirt, and a 25% discount off the next season!
  4. Late fees start this Friday at midnight (We need time to set up the league!) If you need a little extra time (i.e., find a partner, clear your schedule, plan your championship run, etc.) let us know!
  5. If you are challenged with the cost, please contact us, and we will work with you (we hate to see you not play due to cost concerns!)
  6. The Sunday League begins on March 24, and ends on June 9 (9 weeks vs. 10 for weeknight).
  7. The Weeknight League starts the week of April 1 through the week of June 9.
  8. Sunday Drop-ins continue from this Sunday through June 9!