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  • Cost is $30 per participant, $15 per event.

  • Team participants must register individually and list team partner in registration.

  • Participants are limited to one age bracket per day.

  • Team's age bracket determined by age of the younger partner.

  • If there are enough registrants at various skill levels within age groups, the Tournament Director may separate age groups into a variety of skill levels.

  • Skill level bracket (if applicable) for teams is determined by the skill level of the higher rated partner.

  • Tournament Director reserves the right to change the format and adjust the age/skill brackets based on registration.

  • Tournament format (double-elimination/round robin) will be determined based on registration, though double elim will be the probable format.

  • Detailed tournament schedule and format details will be on website Wed., July 4th.

  • Each participant will receive a complimentary tournament t-shirt.

  • Indoor balls are used for play, name & color TBD

  • Awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner

    Registration:  www.legendspickleball.com, 

Age Groups

Women's Doubles - Saturday, July 7
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +

Men's Doubles - Saturday, July 7
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +

Mixed Doubles - Sunday, July 8
18 yrs + 35 yrs + 50 yrs + 60 yrs + 70 yrs +



South Lakes High School
11400 South Lakes Dr.  
Reston, Va  20191

Registration Deadline

Tuesday, July 3




USAPA rules apply – Decisions by Tournament Director and Head Referee are final.  Some age divisions and skill levels have been combined.  This is a non-sanctioned tournament.

Round Robin / Single or Double Elimination Format (depending on format)
   - Winner’s bracket:  best of 3 games to 11 points, win by 2
   - Survival bracket and 3rd place match:  one game to 15 win by 2
   - Championship match:  best of 3 games to 11 points, win by 2.  (If the undefeated team   
      loses, another game to 15 win by 2 will be played to determine the winner
      Round Robin Format: Games to 11 win by 2 against all the teams in your bracket.

Players call their own lines unless it is a medal match.  Medal matches MAY have referees.   If you're interested in officiating, please let me know (tim@playlegendspickleball.com).  

You may bring a water bottle and a towel.  Please feel free to bring chairs with rubber based feet.  We want to make sure we keep this beautiful high school gym floor prestine!