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  • .....Week 4 Leaders:         Mixed "A":  Team Pearson (3-0)         Mixed "B":  Alisa/Brian (3-0),     Nini/Dan (3-0),     Team Hill (3-0)         Mixed "C":  Cate/Marc (1-0)         Women's "A":  Pearson/Sparrow (3-0)         Women's "B":  Barbara/Jane (4-0)         Men's "A":  Rayman/Adam (3-0)         Men's "B":  Kirk/Ron (2-0)
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Mixed-Dbl Wk3: 4 Undefeateds remain in "B" 
Team Hill (3-0) not enjoying lead as Team Key/Hess, Goodwin/Wright & Pham/Lam stay unbeaten
"A" division has Team Pearson & Gigi/Rick as #1 & #2.  They are the premium in all Legends Mixed
Women's-Dbl:  Pearson/Sparrow (3-0, 8-1) roll
Pearson/Sparrow have lost only once in 9 games enroute to a 3-0 lead in W-D.  "B" division Brenner/Hoge
continue to dominate, 4-0 (match), 11-1 (games).  Team Getty/Key (2-1, 6-3) stay tight in 2nd.
Men's-Dbl:  Men's "A" sees 3-way tie for 1st
Jimmy/Ken (2-0) aren't flinching as they keep up with Team Rayman/Adam & Rob/Tim.
"B" division sees Kirk/Ron the lone unbeatens at 2-0 


Standings:     Tue: Mixed Doubles  -  Wed: Women's Doubles  -  Thu: Men's Doubles 

(above)  Tushar Patel eyes his forehand into a passing shot while partner Monica Vickers enjoys the winner..
(below) Team Amy/Ron relishing the "A" division in Mixed.  But often "A" brings tough points, thanks to Team Gigi/Rick.


Team Hill (above)- (3-0, 8-1) Gary, as instructed by teammate & wife Dawn, will stay at kitchens edge.

Team Pham/Lam- (right) Henry enjoys his teams 3-0 start so far this season in the competitive Mixed "B".  
Teammate Anne (right) preps for serve.

Team House- (bottom left) Ellen/Todd lost the war to Team Hill but handed them their 1st game defeat. 6-11, 7-11, 11-9

Mixed Up- (top) - Rob is just now experiencing that Mixed-D
is a bit more competitive then expected! 

Michael- (right) returns a drop that puts he and teammate Telma in the win column in Week 3.

Gigi/Rick- (above) No such thing as a 'passing shot' when playing against Team Gigi/Rick.  Unless it's coming your way.
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